Recruitment Services

We have been providing recruitment services to right candidates in reputed companies and have association / tie up with top employers. SKYjobs with its robust talent acquisition practice, fills those gaping holes within organizations with a large and an ever expanding database of quality people. At SKYjobs, we deliver a wide range of solutions to help your organization build sustainable competitive talent advantage. Our experience across sectors has given us the depth to handle complex hiring requirements with ease. Whether you're looking to craft a recruiting strategy, find assistance building an internal recruiting capability, or engage on-demand executive recruiting, SKYjobs can provide the tools, processes, talent, and guidance necessary to push your brand forward.

Staffing Services

Staffing as a service, is unique in the sense that, we recruit employees based on client requirements and assign them to client’s locations. These employees, in effect, are SKYjobs employees who work out of client’s premises as their dedicated work forces and help them save time and capital. These professionals will blend with the processes of your organization and help you accelerate your growth. SKYjobs effectively manages the HR, administration and regulatory compliances for those appointed candidates. Our single focus is to remove any road blocks on your journey towards success.

Training Services

Training is now considered as more of retention tool than a cost. The training system in Indian Industry has been changed to create. Even the best employees aren’t as likely to succeed if they don’t have proper training. Employee training is an effective way to teach new employees and develop existing workers. SKYjobs offers employee training programs for small and mid-sized businesses targeted to your employees’ specific job functions.

Payroll & Statutory Management

We offer a comprehensive set of payroll and statutory management services. Every country has its own set of state and central labor laws that companies need to comply with. Dealing with statutory compliance requires companies to be updated on all the labor regulations in their country. It is also mandatory for companies to adhere to them. Non-compliance with these regulations can cause a company a lot of legal trouble such as penalties and fines. That is why every company invests a huge amount of money, effort and time to meet compliance requirements from professional tax to minimum wages act. To help in this, the company seeks expert advice from labour law and taxation law experts. In order to manage with demanding regulatory environment, every company should be well versed and take notice of all regulations in the labour laws. They need to formulate efficient ways to maintain compliance and minimize risks.